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Health, Beauty, and Self-esteem

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This months theme: [Mar. 1st, 2005|07:25 pm]
Health, Beauty, and Self-esteem
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Suppressing your emotions is bad. Acknowledging them is good.

One way to get rid of negative emotions:

- Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and let yourself feel however you happen to be feeling at the moment.

- Eyes still closed, ask yourself one or all of these questions: Can I let this feeling go? If you can't, ask, Can I allow this feeling to be here? Can I welcome it? (Basicaly, you're checking in with yourself to see if you're ready to take action; no is an acceptable answer.)

- No matter how you respond, next ask: Am I willing to let this feeling go? If not nudge yourself again - would I rather have this feeling or be free? If you're still stuck, remind yourself that even if your feelings are justified, you're going though this process to gain clarity and freedom. If the answer is still no, continue to the following step.

- Ask yourself when you might be able to let go of the painful feeling if the answer isn't right that instant, repeat all the questions until you feel the emotion loosening hold on you.

The payoff: Even if you initially find yourself getting more upset instead of less, or wanting to let go of what's on your mind but not being quite able to do that, keep practicing; the process gets easier. Start by focusing on life's little annoyances, and eventually, "everything will seem like small stuff," Dwoskin promises. As you learn to let tension roll off your back, you'll feel calmer, more alert and able to experience all your emotions more deeply.

Source: A summery of The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin in Self magazine, pg 111, issue January 2005.