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Health, Beauty, and Self-esteem

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Bad rap [Aug. 20th, 2004|02:38 am]
Health, Beauty, and Self-esteem
It seems like Peanut butter and milk get a bad rap. They are both good for you, yet people call them too fattening and stop eating them. I don't know if this is an american thing but it seems every third commercial is about woman needing to get enough calcium to fight osteoporosis, instead of popping a pill drink milk. It isn't fattening if you do something to burn it off and it is better for you then soda.

Peanut butter has a lot protein in it that provides long term energy instead of a sugar rush. A peanut butter sandwich is a whole lot better for you then a big mac.

Remember calories = energy. Energy means you can stay active, activity burns off the unhealthy fat, and builds muscle tone.

Eat well, enjoy your food, be active, have fun.

btw: Simply Orange, orange juice is the greatest ever, not from concentrate no sugar added, and it taste great.